Laura P.

“My trainer ‘Davie C’ has been my trainer for the last year and a half. He has been the key to my success. Dave’s friendly demeanor, and overall fitness knowledge has been the key to my success. He has a knack of making sure that when you are with him, you feel like you are his only client. Considering the fact that he has many clients, and a very busy training schedule, he always takes the time to check in on you. He really makes sure that the workouts are tailored to you and not just anybody. He is dependable, reliable and just overall a wonderful human being. I definitely would and have recommended him to others”.  Laura P.


  1. michele orosze says

    Don’t know when this was posted but David was a really good jump start to my success when he was in Cherry Hill. He took the time to work with you to get you to your goals. Fast forward 2 years and the move to Haddon Heights and it all went south. The girlfriend was at most of my trainings for no apparent reason and it became a major obstacle to my workouts and after awhile he became more distracted and took the stress of starting a new business out on me. After he told me to get out and don’t come back I hightailed it to a real gym and I am doing better than ever. No one needs a personal trainer forever , at some point you have to do other things such as classes and other workouts to get the best results. I know of two other people who have also left because of feeling uncomfortable with the girlfriend and just wanting to move on to other workouts. BUT he will get you motivated and I loved it for the first year or so.

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