School year got you STRESSED?


                         Let’s change all that!  

      Join us at Tip Top Fitness Training for your



                  *Lose weight

                  *Get in shape

                  *Start the new school yearSTRESS FREE! 


 Teacher Tune-Up  is a group exercise and nutrition program that meets at our studio 3 times a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10:45 am).  Our focus will be conditioning and muscle toning combined with a sensible nutritional program, that is easy to follow.

 We are looking for 10 Teachers who desire to improve their health, lose body-fat and practice some serious stress reduction! 

       Classes start on July 11th and runs right through to August 19th. 

 Ready to get started?  Call us at (609) 417-8032.  Or schedule your Teacher Tune-Up consultation by clicking the link below.


                               Teacher Tune-up!