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Synergy Program Benefits!!

Here is what is included in your Synergy Training Programs:

  • Specific goal setting workshop that will help you get crystal clear about the body you want and the mindset to achieve it!
  • Supportive nutrition counseling so that you can balance your hormones and promote the burning of body fat! (7Day Meal Plans & On-line Food Journal Included!)
  • Before and after fitness assessment.
  • Gender specific cardio routines to keep your body in fat burning mode all day long!
  • Lifestyle coaching to balance Stress Hormones (E-Mail and Phone Coaching).
  • Custom Tailored exercise routines and long term strategy to keep the weight off…. Forever!

Synergy Program Options

60 or 30 Minute Option

1. The Coaching Series (3 – 4 sessions a week)
If you are committed and serious about making changes to your body, this is the right option for you. Whether you’re interested in getting lean, reducing pain, or increasing your sports performance, meeting with your Personal Fitness Trainer /Lifestyle Coach 2-4 times per week will ensure you stay on the fast track towards meeting your goals.

2. The Teaching Series (2-3 sessions a week)
Designed for clients who train at home, or at a gym, but are frustrated with their lack of progress. Our trainers will design your exercise program, monitor your progress, and teach you all the secrets you need to reduce pain, decrease body fat, and increase sports performance.


 3. 45 minute Semi-Private Training ( Brand New!)

We just added Semi-Private Training to our menu! Would you like to exercise in a friendly and supportive atmosphere with some of our clients who share the same fitness goal as you? If you are, Semi-Private training is designed JUST FOR YOU. Our Semi-Private training program will couple you with 1-4 other clients who are kindred and compatible to your fitness goals. You will sweat and achieve your goals with a whole lot of support. This is a hot program folks! In fact, Semi-Private training is NOW our most popular (and affordable) training choice!

Don’t Wait to Get Your Body Back!!

Register now for your Complimentary Consultation and Personal Fitness Training Session. Our certified personal trainers will help you choose the program option that is just right for you.

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