The solution for finding the time to                        $197.00 for 6 weeks!

          exercise has finally arrived!


Fit@5  is the solution to getting your work-out in when you just can’t find the time.  You can expect an amazing 45 minute workout on Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning at…You guessed it…5:00 AM!   Of course I know what some of you might be thinking…


                               “That’s just to EARLY!” 


Truth be told… IT IS EARLY!   BUT….If you can make some sacrifices, like hitting the sack before 11:00, and tough it out for the first 21 days of our program,  you will be on the way to achieving some AMAZING results. Such as…

     *Losing up to 6-8 pounds each 6 week cycle!

     * Developing amazing muscle tone!

     * Increasing your daily energy!

We are extremely confident that our systems will work for you.  In fact, we have helped over 346 men and women in South Jersey get in shape, lose unwanted body-fat and feel energetic.  Now it’s your turn to make your fitness goals a REALITY. 

                                         Join  Fit@5 


NOTICE:   We are only accepting 6 men or women in our Fall enrollment. We will not turn Fit@5 into a large group training experience.  We want to keep our 5:00 AM group small so that both the novice and the experienced client can receive the attention needed, achieve their goals and most importantly, not get hurt.


Enrollment has begun! Don’t miss the opportunity to join our October 18th class.  As of October 1st, we have 2 clients committed to joining us and the race is on for the “Final 4”.  This class will fill up fast, so don’t hesitate!   ACT NOW!!


                                       Join  Fit@5

          UPDATE: 10/6/21… 3 openings left.