Haddon Heights N.J. Success Story #17 Shawn Wilson

                      … [Read more...]

Haddonfield Personal Trainer Success Story #43 Linda Goyna

"I am down over 20 pounds and counting” says Haddonfield Personal Trainer Success Story # 43  Linda Goyna. “Check out her training success video  below! Talk about perseverance. Linda came to me with some serious challenges. The biggest one was her left shoulder. Yes she could have quit on me. I believe most people will not train let alone through pain. But... we made it through conditioning … [Read more...]

Haddon Heights Personal Trainer Success Story # 3 Dawn Still.

                                                        "I could not even do ONE PUSH UP" says Haddon Heights Personal Training story#3 Dawn Still. Check out her training success video below!       Thinking about FINALLY getting in Shape?  Having a tough time getting started? No worries! We have THE solution…and its called JUMP START JUMP START combines the science … [Read more...]

Laura P.

“My trainer ‘Davie C’ has been my trainer for the last year and a half. He has been the key to my success. Dave’s friendly demeanor, and overall fitness knowledge has been the key to my success. He has a knack of making sure that when you are with him, you feel like you are his only client. Considering the fact that he has many clients, and a very busy training schedule, he always takes the time … [Read more...]

Marie S.

“Tip Top Fitness Training has THE holistic approach to fitness. In addition to designing a safe physical program tailored to your specific needs, Tip Top Fitness Training has provided me with a unique style of life coaching. I am fortunate to be a client with Tip Top Fitness Training. I highly recommend this training program to anyone committed to living a healthy life.” Marie S. … [Read more...]

Lucille M.

“I moved here from Los Angeles last year. For the last 3 months, I have been working exclusively with David from Tip Top Fitness Training. I have gotten stronger, lost weight, and reduced my body fat. “Davie C” is the ultimate trainer.” Lucille M. … [Read more...]

Kendra B

“If you are looking for a personalized fitness program that includes both exercise and diet information, Tip Top Fitness Training has great plan for you! An Update on the latest exercise techniques and diet tips was what I needed. Over the last three months, we were able to create a more effective routine for me to yield the results that I wanted.” Kendra B … [Read more...]

Pat A.

“As a Supervising Nurse, I have patients on 3 Floors. I run up and down those steps all day. I’m never out of breath and girls half my age are huffing and puffing. My weight training program with Dave has made a significant difference in my energy levels.  P.S. I’m 58 years young!”               Pat … [Read more...]

Brad J.

“My son started with a significant injury and some common muscular imbalances. After 12 weeks, he has exhibited improvement in his movement skills and has excelled this year in high school sports.  Dave our trainer approached each training session with positive attitude and a scientific program that produced significant results in 12 weeks. As per my request, Dave was able to prioritize safety, … [Read more...]

Cherry Hill Personal Trainer Success Story #24 Nick Masino.

 “Lost the Body fat first (24 total pounds).     Than… switched to muscle building" Check out his training success video below!                                                                                                                                                                           Nick Looking Like a SUPER- HERO!     Thinking about FINALLY getting in Shape? … [Read more...]