Busy Mother Boot Camp Come’s to Haddon Heights!

Next Challenge Date...January 20th, 2020 Once you have children... Everything changes!  Lack of sleep, too many hours of work and endless chores make it almost impossible to find the time (or the energy) to truly take care of yourself. Sound familiar to you? You're not alone! Countless new mothers face these challenges every day. We know all too well of your struggles.  In fact, we have … [Read more...]

It Takes a Season ( Part II )

  Today I want to elaborate on last week’s newsletter titled “It takes a season". As you may recall, the topic of our discussion was training injuries, and the amount of time it takes to heal (usually 3 – 4 months). This week, I want to piggy back on the same topic and discuss exercise progression and avoiding exercise injury. Whenever I meet someone new and the conversation comes around to what I … [Read more...]

Haddon Heights N.J. Success Story #17 Shawn Wilson

                      … [Read more...]

Attention Fans of Tip Top Fitness Training… We have finally moved to a BRAND NEW LOCATION!

After 8 months of  hammering nails, hanging sheet rock, and laying carpets, the dream has become a reality. Tip Top Fitness Training has moved to a brand new location in Haddon Heights NJ. Please visit the "Contact Us" page for the directions to our new studio. Thanks to all of my very special clients.  Without your support over the past 10 years, our dream would not have come to fruition. … [Read more...]

Belly Fat… Ugly, bad for you back, and hazardous to your health!

Okay.. at some level, we all know that belly fat is not a good thing to have and hold on to. But do we really know why carrying the spare tire is really a hazard to your health? Well recent research indicates that belly fat is the so called " smoking gun" that links visceral fat ( the type of fat that is deposited in your gut and around all your vital organs) to heart disease, cancer and host of … [Read more...]

Haddonfield Personal Trainer Success Story #43 Linda Goyna

"I am down over 20 pounds and counting” says Haddonfield Personal Trainer Success Story # 43  Linda Goyna. “Check out her training success video  below! Talk about perseverance. Linda came to me with some serious challenges. The biggest one was her left shoulder. Yes she could have quit on me. I believe most people will not train let alone through pain. But... we made it through conditioning … [Read more...]

Haddon Heights Personal Trainer Success Story # 3 Dawn Still.

                                                        "I could not even do ONE PUSH UP" says Haddon Heights Personal Training story#3 Dawn Still. Check out her training success video below!       Thinking about FINALLY getting in Shape?  Having a tough time getting started? No worries! We have THE solution…and its called JUMP START JUMP START combines the science … [Read more...]

Cherry Hill Personal Trainer Success Story #24 Nick Masino.

 “Lost the Body fat first (24 total pounds).     Than… switched to muscle building" Check out his training success video below!                                                                                                                                                                           Nick Looking Like a SUPER- HERO!     Thinking about FINALLY getting in Shape? … [Read more...]

What Is Your Favorite Post-Workout Meal?

We all know it's best to have a healthy snack after working out. Studies have shown that eating a small meal of protein and healthy carbs helps increase the benefits of your workout and speeds up the fat loss process. So what's your favorite post workout meal? Leave a comment below and tell us your favorite healthy after-workout snack. … [Read more...]