“Don’t you think it’s time to take care of you?”

Always running around. Taking care of everybody else?      STOP…

NOW it’s time to take care of you!

  • Relieve Life’s Stressor’s
  • Meet other women who are kindred to your busy mother struggle
  • Lose inches/weight and feel great about yourself!


6 Weeks of get yourself in Tip Top Condition exercises and a down to earth sensible meal plan you can follow for the rest of your LIFE!

 All for a Busy Mother investment of… $197.00

The Winter Edition of Busy Mother’s Boot Camp starts on February 25th, 2019.  We are looking for 5 additional Busy Mothers into our morning classes at 6:00 AM and 10:45 AM and also our evening class @ 6:30 PM.  Deadline to sign-up: Sunday, February 25th @ 9:00 PM.  Space and time to sign up is limited.  So act now!

Lose weight and have the time of your life!                                               

Our January group in Action!!

13 Busy Mothers made it through the 6-week BMBC experience

and lost a total of 61 pounds!  Simply amazing!

                    ” Great  Job Ladies! “

Ready to sign up for your BMBC experience?  Call me personally to discuss the details of our program. The phone number here at the office is (609 417-8032. Leave me a message. I will make sure to call you back to explain all the details of our 6-week Busy Mother’s Boot Camp.  I will then schedule a 30-minute orientation with you at our facility.

OR… You can sign up on-line!

Register for your Busy Mother’s Boot Camp Initial Consultation.  Tell me all about yourself and the goals you would like to accomplish at BMCP.  I will call you back ASAP.  We can then schedule a mutually compatible time for you to come in for your Boot Camp consultation and orientation.


READY – SET – GO to your phone and call!  You can also schedule your Orientation online at

BMCP Consultation right NOW!

Don’t forget! Space is limited.  Only 5 more South Jersey Busy mothers will be accepted into the February 25th enrollment.