Attention: Residents of Bordentown and the Greater South Jersey Area!

"Introducing the Only Indoor Fitness Boot Camp in South Jersey
Designed to Give You Rock Hard Abs, A Super Toned Body, PLUS….
MAX FAT LOSS Guaranteed or Your Hard Earned Investment
Will Be Returned to You… In Full!"


  • Do you have 15-25 lbs. of body fat to lose?
  • Have you tried dieting a million times only to gain the weight back?
  • Are you fed up with the gym scene and are looking for an alternative to the “Meat Market?”
  • Are you looking to share your fitness experience with a group of like minded individuals in a safe, fun and effective group fitness setting?

“Then You Have Definitely Come to the Right Place!”

Tip Top Fitness Training LLC, South Jersey’s premier personal training and group fitness company has exactly what you are looking for. Founded in 2004, Tip Top fitness Training has helped over 237 of your friends, family and neighbors turn their fitness dreams into reality.

How do we do it? It’s Simple! … And it’s called 4PF!

4PF is a holistic fitness and body fat loss system that combines the proven weight loss science of low glycemic eating with functional bodyweight and core fit training. AND... With 8 years of testing and thousands of training sessions under its belt, 4PF is definitely THE break through program for you.

Just check out what some of my south jersey clients are saying about their training experience:

Now it’s your turn to finally get that rocking body you crave in just 3 days a week without going to the gym or starving yourself into an early grave!

Let’s Get REAL!

Working out at the gym on can be a real bore. Especially if you are using the same old exercise machines. Oh sure, working out on the resistance equipment will do a great job at getting you big and bulky, but is that what you really want?

Diets don’t work either. Why? Ever heard of the starvation mode? That’s when your body’s fat storing mechanism kicks into overdrive. Low calorie dieting or low fat diets will make you store every morsel of food you eat as fat. Fat Storing mode is definitely a place you don’t want to be in!

You See 4PF is all about balance.

  • Eating supportively to get you out of fat storing and return you to fat burning mode
  • Core exercises to stabilize your shoulders, hips and back.

And One More Thing….. Functional exercises that your body was designed to perform!

What is Functional Training? … Nothing short of the essence of 4PF

In fact... 4PF stands for the 4 pillars of functional movement. These are the movements you learned as a Child! Basic movements such as squatting, jumping or changing directions. I call these type of movements; “exercise disguised as play”. Unfortunately, as we get older, we forget how to perform these movements effectively. To make matters worse, we substitute these natural movements with exercises on machines. In essence exercise stops being functional and… FUN! What a drag right?

“Why not make exercise fun again. Why not make exercise … your playtime!”

Well now you can. You see, after almost a decade of teaching the 4PF system to my clients in Cherry Hill, I have decided to migrate North and take my Fitness program on the Road!

First stop …. Carslake Community Center

“This is Where It ALL GOES DOWN!”

The 4PF Boot Camp Details!

Starting Saturday March 16th 2013, 4PF Fitness Boot Camp will begin at the Carslake Community Center

  • Consultations for the spring sessions will begin Jan 10th, and end March 12th.
  • The entire program will last 12 weeks ending on June 16th (Just in time for summer!)
  • 25 boot campers will be accepted into the program.
  • Boot camp will be held on Tues and Thursday Morning at 6:00 & 10:00 Am, and Saturday Mornings at 6:30 &7:30 Am
  • Group fit sessions will last 60 fat burning minutes!!
  • NO Equipment necessary!

Don’t worry; you don’t have to bring a thing... Except your workout gear and a great attitude!

To claim one of 25 spots in The 4PF Boot Camp.. Click here!

Disclaimer!! 4PF group fitness program is a simple and effective program… But it is not EASY! It will require a time and financial commitment from you.

Look, everything in life (worth anything) requires an investment of either time or money. However, before I discuss the financial commitment, let’s talk about some of the lifestyle changes you will need to commit to in-order to reap the maximum benefits from your 12 week experience.

You must be willing to:

  • Cut the junk meals out of your life.
  • Hit the sack an hour earlier each night (DVR Conan!)
  • Eat breakfast each morning, and never skip meals.

Finally, if you are willing to come to the boot camp with a great attitude, work hard, and motivate others to be their best, than 4PF may be RIGHT FOR YOU!

Now... Let’s do the numbers!

Your 4PF 12 week boot camp will include:

  • One Personal training session each month ( 180.00 value)
  • Group lecture on eating Low Glycemic. ( 87.00 value )
  • 36 group training sessions (3x a week)

All for the Low, Low price of… 12.00 a session! Yes you read it right. That’s a whole lot of value jammed packed into your boot camp experience.

To claim one of 25 spots in 4PF Boot Camp.. Click here!

“I moved here from LA Last year. For the last 3 months, David Corvo of Tip Top Fitness Training has been my personal trainer. I have gotten stronger, and have also lost “a lot” of body fat. David is the Ultimate Trainer!” -L. Muller
“David’s method of training is definitely a holistic approach to fitness. I feel fortunate to be a client and recommend David and Tip Top Fitness Training to anyone who is interested in making a commitment to a healthy life” -M.Sanderson

Victor, Suzanne, Lucille, and 237 other south jersey residents were skeptical about The 4PF system, but they are now more than over joyed with their results.

Now it’s your turn to make 2013 your best year YET!

To claim one of 25 spots in 4PF Boot Camp.. Click here!

The clock is ticking on this great offer! Will you be one of the lucky 25?

Especially Important Update!!

THIS IS A Limited Time Offer. Only 25 boot campers will be accepted into the March 16th boot camp. Application and consultations will be scheduled up until Friday, March 15th.

To determine if you have what it takes to make your fitness dreams a reality, schedule your free consultation by clicking here.

You can also schedule your FREE CONSULTATION with me by calling (609) 417-8032

To get my Free Report “The Ultimate Body Transformation Secret” click here.

Remember, this is a limited time offer. Once the 25 members are chosen, you will be locked out until September of 2013 🙁

I can’t wait to meet you at 4PF Boot Camp and help you get the lean, fit and super- toned body you have been craving!

You’re Friend in Fitness,
David Corvo
Head trainer, Owner of Tip Top Fitness Training, LLC & the creator of 4PF
609 417-8032

P.S. Think about where you will be without this program – same weight, wandering around in the gym thinking about heading home. Another New Year’s resolution bites the dust. Or do you want to start a program that will finally get you where you truly deserve to be.

P.P.S I believe in 4PF so much that I am guaranteeing 100% of your money back if you aren’t completely satisfied with your group fitness training experience.