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Welcome to.. Tip Top Fitness Training !

Don’t waste another minute on ineffective fitness programs and fad diets. Achieving your weight loss, sport and fitness goals is finally possible with the help of the most sought after Personal Training program in the area!

My name is David Corvo. I am the owner and Head Trainer of Tip Top Fitness Training, LLC.

Established in 2003, Tip Top Fitness Training has been the program of choice for South Jersey men and woman who want to turn their fitness dreams into reality. Whether you are interested in losing your stubborn body fat, preparing for athletic competition, or maintaining lifelong fitness and health, Tip Top Fitness Training has a custom tailored program designed just for you.

In fact, with over 220 successful clients, we are absolutely confident that our 12 week lifestyle and fitness program will help you:

  • Lose up to 15 lbs of Body fat in 90 Days!!
  • Build your metabolism and reclaim the well toned body you have always wanted.
  • Restore your energy levels and build your self esteem.

So much so, that we are offering you a money back guarantee!!

That’s right! If you do not see measurable results with your fitness program, we will refund your entire investment… no strings attached…. JUST RESULTS!

And believe me, with a guarantee like that, “we are definitely results driven”. Just check out what your neighbors and our clients have to say about Tip Top Fitness Training.





What is the secret to our client’s success?
It’s simple… and, it’s called SYNERGY!

Here at Tip Top Fitness, we have developed a technology for physical change that has totally revolutionized the field of personal training. The technology we speak of is called Synergy. Synergy combines the very best information on nutrition, exercise, and behavior modification skills to keep you motivated. The end result is a fitness and weight loss program that is 2nd to none.

“I can’t believe the change my body and mind have gone through since starting my Synergy Program. I have lost 25 pounds and have never felt better”

-Patty K.

“Tip Top Fitness has given me the strength and flexibility I need to run a successful retail business. I feel more energetic now at 52, than I did when I was 27 years old. Thanks’ again for all your help!”

-Donna W.

Perhaps you’re skeptical that Synergy can work for you.  That is understandable. Michelle, Victor, Suzanne, Patty, and Donna all felt the same way before they enrolled in the 12 week Synergy Program. They all tried various diets and training programs and failed to reach their fitness and weight loss goals. But, they took a chance on Synergy … and succeeded. Now… it’s your turn to see how Synergy can get you into the best shape of your life.

Schedule you’re Free Consultation with one of our fitness professionals. Soon, you will be on your way to transforming your body….It’s that simple! PLUS…

With our money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose… Except the body fat!!


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Looking forward to seeing you soon,
David Corvo
President: Tip Top Fitness Training, LLC